Complete wedding service

The premises of Hotel SPECTRUM are a popular place for organizing social events such as weddings, company parties, family celebrations and events. On festive occasions, we can decorate the restaurant premises spectacularly and exceptionally. There is nothing better than a perfect first impression of a wedding hall. Tables, napkins, candles, floral decorations matched to the occasion and many other details will take your breath away. Of course, a perfect wedding also includes an exceptional wedding menu. We will arrange it for you according to your request. We emphasize the quality of domestic ingredients, aesthetic presentation, modern food design. Wedding guests will enjoy delicious home-cooked meals, we will prepare delicious and rich buffets.

We will take care of accommodation

We will take care of the newlyweds and their guests even after the wedding reception. Here you will find quality accommodation in apartments or comfortably furnished rooms.
Free premium room for newlyweds.